“Managing people is hard, and I don’t have time to get better at it.”

Most managers at startups don't start out as managers.

You joined a startup when it was tiny and became one of its earliest, most valuable members. Now, that startup is not that tiny. Somewhere along the way, you found yourself responsible for the output of other people’s work.

Congratulations! You're now a manager.

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But then ... you realise that management is difficult.

It feels like you're always dealing with an internal problem, when what you want to do is to focus on the business, or on your work — the external-facing bits of doing a startup!

You also realise the difficulty with management is unexpectedly different:

  • Your tasks never seem to end, and your schedule looks like it was drawn by someone from hell. Your days are filled with random tasks. What garbage is this? How do you know that the busy-work you're doing all day has done any good?
  • Every once in awhile, a subordinate quits at the worst possible time, and you wonder if it's your fault.
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Management For Startups is for people like you!

Management For Startups is for managers on the startup treadmill. We cover the practice of management in an environment where things are always breaking, where you never have enough resources, and where managers won't have much time to improve.

Let's get started:

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