Keep Your People Is Out!

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I'm happy to announce that Keep Your People — The Startup Manager's Guide to Retention is available for purchase right now!

I started writing KYP roughly a year ago, when I realised that I had developed a framework for predicting departures in my team, that other managers found useful. So I started thinking that it might be cool to put this into a book, for others to read and use.

You may buy it here at $25 for an individual license, or $55 for a corporate license! These prices are 10% off for 7 days, because launch.

FAQ: what's the difference? Well, the individual license is if you're buying it for yourself, and the corporate license is if you're in a startup and you want to buy the book for all the managers in your company. Apart from that there are no differences; both versions have the exact same ebook formats and are DRM free (I trust you, and anyway DRM sucks).

So what's in the book? Here's the full list of chapters:

  1. An Introduction
  2. Reason One: Personal Growth Matters
  3. Reason Two: Autonomy is Non-Negotiable
  4. Reason Three: How Work Fits Into Their Lives
  5. Reason Four: Compensation: How Does Money Affect Retention?
  6. Reason Five: Does Having a Mission Matter?
  7. Reason Six: The Relationship With Their Peers and With Their Boss
  8. A Conclusion
  9. Appendix 1: One-on-Ones, The Secret Tool for Retention
  10. Appendix 2: Sample Career Ladder for Software Engineers

Want to try before you buy? You may download an excerpt here.

If you're ready to purchase the book, you can do it right here. And of course, you can read the entire book description over at the book page, right here.

Now go forth and never fear a teammate leaving, ever again!

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