#1 Introducing The MFS Podcast

I'm doing a weekly podcast, out every Wednesday, that walks through the entire space of learning management for small, chaotic organisations.

To start: we're doing a mini series of 7—8 episodes (I haven't decided) called The Bare Minimum You Need To Know To Be An Adequate Manager. Forgive me if the name's really awkward — I had to come up with something, and I thought to be direct.

I like short podcasts, and I like what David Smith has done with his (now defunct) podcast Developing Perspective, so I've copied the 15 minute format from him.

There are two main pretences to the podcast:

  1. I think of this as a finishable project. That is, I believe that management doesn't change that quickly because human nature doesn't change that quickly. And management is pretty much all about dealing with people. This implies that at some point in the future — maybe a year, maybe two years from now — this podcast will have walked the entire space of management knowledge, and I can stop; this site will be an archive to that effort.
  2. I'll be focusing almost obsessively about usefulness. My hope is that you'll gain at least one new idea, or one new technique every week to apply to your practice.

So: let's get started!