Book Summary: Radical Candor

A summary of Kim Scott's 2017 management book, Radical Candor, focusing on the three novel techniques that she introduces as part of her framework for effective feedback.

#20 When Delegating, Explain Why

Why providing context and communicating executive intent is important if you want your subordinates to make decisions on your behalf.

When Delegating, Explain Why

It's easy to forget that context and intent matters a great deal when delegating a task. You don't want to be a bottleneck when something unexpected turns up; communicating executive intent is one way to free yourself from constant micro-management.

The Costs of Firing Too Quickly

Why is 'hire fast, fire fast' such a bad idea? You might think that it isn't — that it is a logical conclusion when you apply a sales funnel to your hiring process. But it really isn't the same thing.

#18 Firing Too Quickly

Last week we looked at the costs of firing too slowly. This week, we'll be looking at the costs of firing too quickly. Why is 'hire fast, fire fast' such a bad idea?